10 Day #SELFCARE Challenge

Join Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD for 10 days of #SELFCARE

What day is it? What month is it? We understand the stress that so many of us are feeling during this moment in time of uncertainty with many unknowns. Right now it is especially important to remember to be gentle on ourselves. It is in the spirit of being kind to oneself, that Humboldt Harvest and our sister company Love Life CBD have teamed up to challenge you to 10 days of #SELFCARE. We will be posting self-care inspiration every day, May 20th-29th, on Instagram @humboldtharvest and @lovelifeCBD. Each day’s challenge is meant to be inspiring and fun, we invite you to challenge your friends and family. We have posted all 10 days of the challenge here, realizing you may want to plan ahead for the next day’s challenge, see what you’re getting into, or maybe you want to participate but don’t have Instagram. We are very excited to see how you make each day’s challenge unique to you.

Invitation to Join Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge

SELF CARE CHALLENGE GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a Love Life CBD gift set valued at $98

Entering to win is easy: 

#1- Follow @lovelifecbd and @humboldtharvest

#2- Participate in one or more days of our 10-day #selfcare challenge. 

#3- Post a photo or video of your interpretation of any of the days of the challenge on your IG with the hashtag #HHLLselfcare

#4- Tag @lovelifecbd and @humboldtharvest

You can enter up to 10 times, once for every day of the challenge. This challenge is about inspiring self-care, we realize you may not be able to participate in the day’s activity on the same day we post, that’s ok, you have up to June 9th to get all your posts in for the contest. We will be drawing the winner on June 10th. The winner will receive a Love Life CBD Ylang Ylang and Lavender CBD lotion and a CBD Calm Tincture, you must have a US shipping address to win.

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Caveman Loved CBDs: Fusing the Paleo Diet with CBD Products

What would a caveman or cavewoman really eat? For those embarking on a Paleo diet, this is the central question. The motivation for pondering such a question comes from the desire to simplify our diets and to eat foods that are unprocessed, unaltered, and good for our bodies.

Now, not everyone needs to follow a strict Paleo-style diet – we get that these are very personal choices about food consumption. However, we want to share why we choose Paleo recipes for our CBD products to create winning combinations for everyone.

Paleo what?

The Paleolithic “Paleo” diet is based on the caveman principle: “If the cavemen didn’t eat it then you shouldn’t either.”* This focus on the eating practices of our ancestors was popularized by Loren Cordain in his 2002 book, The Paleo Diet. The Paleo diet embraces foods that would have been available to people during Paleolithic times – developing a menu around foods that can be foraged for, hunted, or gathered. Anything else – not an option. While our creative imaginations might be able to conjure up images of cave people gathering sticks of butter and picking candy bars off of trees – the Paleo diet is based on what would have actually occurred. This means sculpting your diet around nuts, seeds, meats, fish, leafy greens, and other regionally available and unprocessed foods.

How does Humboldt Harvest follow the Paleo diet?

At Humboldt Harvest, we call our edible products “foodicinals” for a variety of reasons, but in large part because of our belief that food is medicine. Our recipes always include the most nutritious ingredients and are prepared in alignment with the Paleo diet. This means that instead of relying on ingredients such as refined sugar, we honor the ingredients of our ancestors and use maple syrup and honey – sweeteners that are found in nature.

Coconut, almond flour, and fresh berries are just a few of the delectable ingredients used to create our foodicinals. We always strive for happy taste buds, healthy bodies, and healing benefits. As it turns out, Paleo eating is not only nutritious, but delicious! You can find out more about our ingredients here.

What would cavemen say about CBDs?

The history of the cannabis plant spans back as far as the Paleolithic era – 10,000 years ago. While uses of the plant have changed and evolved since that time, both fiber and flower have offered benefits to humans for thousands of years. Combining CBD oil with our Paleo recipes comes from the motivation to find our road to health through nature. Supercharging Paleo foods with CBDs means faster physical recovery, improved body care, and a reliance on natural remedies – that’s something we think the cavemen would have supported!

At Humboldt Harvest, we believe that health starts with wholesome ingredients – just like the Paleo philosophy. Our award-winning treats are a fusion of historical food knowledge and contemporary solutions for wellness. Find out more about the healing benefits of CBDs here and enjoy your adventure to wellness.


* This simplified description of the Paleo diet was offered by Jim White, R.D., a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association.


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