Join Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD for 10 days of #SELFCARE

What day is it? What month is it? We understand the stress that so many of us are feeling during this moment in time of uncertainty with many unknowns. Right now it is especially important to remember to be gentle on ourselves. It is in the spirit of being kind to oneself, that Humboldt Harvest and our sister company Love Life CBD have teamed up to challenge you to 10 days of #SELFCARE. We will be posting self-care inspiration every day, May 20th-29th, on Instagram @humboldtharvest and @lovelifeCBD. Each day’s challenge is meant to be inspiring and fun, we invite you to challenge your friends and family. We have posted all 10 days of the challenge here, realizing you may want to plan ahead for the next day’s challenge, see what you’re getting into, or maybe you want to participate but don’t have Instagram. We are very excited to see how you make each day’s challenge unique to you.

Invitation to Join Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge

SELF CARE CHALLENGE GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a Love Life CBD gift set valued at $98

Entering to win is easy: 

#1- Follow @lovelifecbd and @humboldtharvest

#2- Participate in one or more days of our 10-day #selfcare challenge. 

#3- Post a photo or video of your interpretation of any of the days of the challenge on your IG with the hashtag #HHLLselfcare

#4- Tag @lovelifecbd and @humboldtharvest

You can enter up to 10 times, once for every day of the challenge. This challenge is about inspiring self-care, we realize you may not be able to participate in the day’s activity on the same day we post, that’s ok, you have up to June 9th to get all your posts in for the contest. We will be drawing the winner on June 10th. The winner will receive a Love Life CBD Ylang Ylang and Lavender CBD lotion and a CBD Calm Tincture, you must have a US shipping address to win.

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Challenge #1Get Dirty

Plants give us great joy. If you have the space, today is a great day to get out in your garden, whether you are tending to an already established garden or planting new flowers or vegetables, make some time to find joy in gardening today.

Get Dirty, Day 1 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care ChallengeIf your time, space, or budget is limited, succulents are a great way to participate in today’s #selfcare challenge. They can be propagated by tearing off a single leaf from a succulent plant, setting it in a tray and waiting a few weeks for it to sprout roots. Once it has roots, plant and water your new succulent.

Have plants to spare? Take today’s challenge to the next level with an act of kindness. Leave a plant on someone’s porch. Spread cheer to a neighbor or a local friend that would appreciate something green. 


Challenge #2- Staycation

Take a Trip Without Leaving your Home. Today we invite you to choose your own adventure. Whether you decide to reminisce about a place you have visited in the past or dream about somewhere you have always wanted to go to, take a moment to bring some of the sounds, smells, and/or images of your chosen destination into your home today. 

Staycation Day 2 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care ChallengeThis challenge can be as easy as traveling to India by playing Punjabi music or listening to an audiobook like Shantaram while getting takeout from your local Indian food restaurant. Or it can be as challenging as signing up for the language course you have always talked about taking while making a traditional meal and looking at photos of the destination. Maybe your chosen destination is closer to home than an international location, that’s ok too. Do the things that make you feel like you are part of that location. If you have kids at home traveling to your yard, setting up a tent and making smores might seem like a vacation or maybe it’s visiting your family over facetime/skype/zoom while baking your mom’s famous cookies. 

Challenge #3- Move Your Body

Take a yoga, pilates or dance class on Zoom, ride your bike, go paddleboarding, workout using items around your house as your gym, take a hike. However you decide to participate, today we challenge you to get your heart rate up. 

      Move Your Body, Day 3 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge          Get Lost in a Book, Day 4 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge          Get Crafty, Day 5 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge


Challenge #4- Read or Listen to a Book

If you don’t have a book on hand or a subscription to an ebook or audiobook service, many local libraries have an amazing selection online for FREE. Visit your local library’s website for more information. Most will have a link with step by step instructions on how to access their digital library. 


Challenge #5- Get Crafty

Dust off your craft supplies. If you don’t have a goto craft project or consider yourself very artistic, get crafty in the kitchen by trying out a new recipe, play with acrylic or watercolor paints, or try your hand at sketching. These are all great ways to exercise the right side of your brain without making a significant investment. We are always our own worse critics, so don’t be hard on yourself, enjoy the process. 

Now is also a great time to get together with your quaranteam or friends over video for a sip and paint night. There are many sip and paint tutorials, images, and tips for hosting online. Sleep Soundly, Day 6 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge


Challenge #6- Get a Really Good Nights Sleep

Many of us don’t prioritize sleep and don’t enjoy the benefits of getting a really good night’s rest. Today we challenge you to wind down and go to sleep early, or if you are a late-night person, sleep in. If you are like us and struggle to fall asleep, we are going to shamelessly plug our Sleep Tinctures. The added plant terpenes in both Love Life CBD and Humboldt Harvest’s Sleep Tinctures make falling asleep an absolute dream. Turning off screens or at least reducing your blue light intake a couple of hours before bed is also incredibly helpful to achieve a solid rest. 


Challenge #7- Organize Something

Whether it is something small, like a junk drawer or the trunk of your car, or something larger, like an entire room or your garage, the results of this Get Organized, Day 7 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challengechallenge will be incredibly rewarding. We highly suggest making the process enjoyable by playing music or a podcast or listening to more of that audiobook you may have started on Day #4. Pro tip: We find taking a few drops of Humboldt Harvest THC tincture 45 min before diving into projects can also make the process much more enjoyable. 

If you are one of the few folks that live in a perfect pristine space and have nothing left to organize, today is the day to do something you have been putting off- make that phone call, take that leap, paint that wall or rearrange that room- do that one thing that has been lingering on your todo list for way too long.

“Today I completed a chore I have been putting off for six months. It took 15 minutes. I will learn nothing from this.” We may learn nothing from today’s challenge, but it will feel great to have accomplished it. 


Challenge #8- Write SomethingWrite Something, Day 8 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge

We love using creative writing and poetry as a form of meditation. Need a prompt? We will post some fun and inspiring writing prompts on May 27th. If creative writing isn’t your thing, write a postcard, letter, or email to someone you miss. Get Outside, Day 9 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge


Challenge #9- Get Physical Outside

Ride your bike, walk to the mailbox, do yoga in your yard or a nearby green space, go for a run, kayak, the sky is the limit. 


Challenge #10- Cheers!Cheers! Day 10 of Humboldt Harvest and Love Life CBD's 10 Day Self Care Challenge

Time to Celebrate with a Mocktail or Cocktail. Today is the final day of our #selfcarechallenge, we hope you are as inspired as we are. We will be posting the recipes for two of our favorite mocktails on here soon, so you can have the ingredients on hand for May 29th. 


Don’t forget to enter to win our #SELFCARE Giveaway! Get your entries in by June 9th, we will be drawing the winner on June 10th. Good Luck!



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