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Harvest Science

The Power of Terpenes

What are terpenes?

Terpenes (pronounced tur-peens) are organic hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants. Many people learn about terpenes in association with cannabis, but terpenes can be found in many other plants, herbs, and fruits. Terpenes contribute to aromatic and flavor diversity, and also provide medicinal benefits. This means that the minty or earthy smell of a plant indicates what kind of medicine the plant holds. Discovering which terpenes will best benefit your body will optimize your daily relief.

How do terpenes work?

Many terpenes pack their own individual benefits for the body. From decreasing anxiety to reducing tumors and convulsions, the science of terpenes unlocks new ways to wellness. What’s more? Terpenes can be even more powerful when they work together. When mixing different terpenes, the interaction of compounds can create an “entourage effect.” When the entourage effect occurs, the therapeutic benefits of a plant’s individual components are magnified. This combination of compounds increases the medicinal properties of the plant and provides benefits to the human body.

The medicinal properties of CBD oils are bolstered by focusing on terpenes. With our tinctures and foodicinals, we celebrate nature’s medicine and give you the benefits you need.



  • Plants – found in fragrant plants such as lemongrass, mangos, thyme, bay laurel, hops, and basil.
  • Flavor / Aroma – Fruity flavors, earthy and musky aroma.
  • Medicinal Uses –  Myrcene is an effective anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, antibiotic, sedative, and anti-mutagenic.


  • Plants – Found in mint, lavender, coriander, cinnamon, cannabis, and even some fungi.
  • Flavor / Aroma  Floral with a hint of spice.
  • Medicinal Uses – Linalool is an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and sleep aid. It is also an anti-epileptic, harmonizing motor movements and reducing convulsions.


  • Plants Found in plants such as clove, basil, hops, and cannabis sativa.
  • Flavor / Aroma  Spicy herbal notes, while carrying a subtle and earthy aroma.
  • Medicinal Uses – Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, pharmacokinetic, and anti-tumor.


  • Plants Found in cannabis and in the rinds of citrus fruits.
  • Flavor / Aroma  Somewhat sweet, yet tangy and bitter. Limonene has a pronounced citrus odor and flavor.
  • Medicinal Uses – Used to treat anxiety and depression, stimulate the immune system, and as an effective treatment for cancer.

These are just a few of the terpenes we use to deliver the healing benefits of harvest science.